Billy Brown – Director of Ambassadors

Hello beautiful Human!

My name is Billy and I am VERY HAPPY to be part of such an incredible and transformative group of people. Never would I ever have expected to be a part of this yoga teacher dream team.

Here’s how it all happened:

Yoga had already been a part of my life for about 7 years, but I wasn’t a yoga fanatic. I would practice it to just slow things down. My body, my brain, my emotions. When I made the time to practice, yoga helped me let go and just be.

Unfortunately, I mainly relied on substances to slow/dull my mind and my emotions. After years of using alcohol and marijuana, my relationship with these substances went from casual, to serious, to toxic. My mental and physical health were both being affected. I knew it was time to make a change, to learn how to deal with my thoughts and emotions in a healthier way. As a practicing health professional (Holistic Nutritionist) I certainly knew better!

One reflective and fateful day in September 2017, I saw an ad for a local 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in my region (Muskoka). I got excited because it was at the PERFECT timing. Synchronicity anyone?

“I’m in,” I thought. After speaking with Happy Jack on the phone, I was like, “Wow, this guy is really intense, this is going to be a wild ride.” I had no idea.

Over the course of my 200-hour YTT, I kept planning seeds. Since graduating in December 2017, my seeds have sprouted and my rate of personal growth has absolutely skyrocketed. I forgot what it felt like to be proud of my actions instead of living in constant personal shame. Happy Jack gave me the tools I needed to control my emotional state and eliminate my dependence on substances. By using these tools and showing up for myself everyday, I have been able to rediscover my truest self. I felt free and ready to live with TRUE PASSION.

I absolutely LOVE people. I love meeting them, talking to them, learning from them and sharing with them. Most of all I love to laugh and goof around with them. As the Director of Ambassadors it is now my official job to interact with as many people as possible in order to share with them the wonderful gifts that I have received by working with the Happy Jack Yoga team. How friggin’ awesome is that?!

Today I’m still on the wild ride that is the Happy Jack Yoga experience as I work towards completing my 500-hour YTT designation, one epic 75-hour module at a time. My goal is to continue investing in myself so that I can deeply impact as many lives as possible through my personal project, Eat Learn Grow.

I want to teach others not only to nourish their bodies, but to nourish their soil, so that they can grow fantastic, love-filled plants to fuel their bodies, and the bodies of their families, neighbours and community.

Thanks for reading, and drop me a line if you want to learn more about the fantastic opportunities of being a Happy Jack Yoga Ambassador, or how to grow food in your own backyard!