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Leadership Teacher Training in Tulum, Mexico

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 A Reflection on Our Leadership Teacher Training in Tulum, Mexico

A behind the scenes of the magic that we experienced during our Leadership Immersion in paradise.


Leadership Teacher Training
I distinctly remember standing at my kitchen counter staring at my list. Feelings of nervousness & excitment were seeping into my veins. I stared at the pros. I looked for the cons.
In that moment, it was clear. Despite feelings of unease in embarking on this journey alone, I knew that I had to go. I pulled out my phone & typed an email to Happy Jack.
The list went a little something like this:
-I’ll get to create leadership skills
-I’ll become friends with yoga teachers
-It’s in Mexico
-It’s recognized by Yoga Alliance
-It’s a lot of money
-I’m really busy
Leadership Teacher Training
7 months later, I was on a flight to Cancun, Mexico for my Leadership Teacher Training. When I arrived at the retreat center full of nerves, I was blown away by the beauty of the Maya Tulum Retreat Center. I was scared to meet the team. What if I wasn’t what they expected? Would everyone be welcoming? In fact, upon meeting Jack, I told him I was feeling anxious.
I had never studied yoga with the Happy Jack team. I had zero idea what Jack’s classes were like. Despite my fears, I knew that my yoga business, and as a human, that I needed this Leadership Teacher Training.
After his first class, I was blown away. In it’s own unique way, it was one of the BEST yoga classes that I had ever taken. I, surprisingly, loved the singing. It gave me permission to be silly & to embrace my voice while connecting with the community in a new way. The mats aligned in a circle created a new connection that I hadn’t experienced before. I even embraced touching the people next to me during airplane pose.
Yoga Experience in Tulum, Mexico 5
We explored the Mayan culture while at Maya Tulum Retreat Center. The team over-delivered. Our second night, HJY welcomed two beautiful Mayan healers to perform a cacao ceremony for us. We sang as the music carried our thoughts away & we welcomed the Mayan New Year.
The following night, we were gathered on the beach for ceremony with a Mayan Shaman. We were arranged in a 1/2 circle around an alter decorated with seeds, flowers, & leaves. From there, we saw a glimpse of white in the corner of our eyes. Shocked, we grinned as we figured out what was happening. Hanna with a boquet in her hand was beaming as a beautiful bride. Jack with a huge smile on his face. Their union as man & wife was an incredible experience.
As if the retreat couldn’t get any better, the same Shaman as the night before, returned. During our Sweat Lodge Ceremony, we released regret & replaced it with forgiveness. We let go of our pain & sorrow and greeted it with love & compassion.
Leadership Teacher Training
These experiences, the people, the magic of Tulum, helped guide me to exactly what I needed.
The Freedom to Speak my Truth.
The training was more than I needed. I left the leadership training with more confidence, clarity in my vision & friendships. Jack is a “Breakthrough” master. All my stories that I had been carrying around became transparent. I set, empowering intentions. I mastermined my future.

Tulum, Mexico was absolutely perfect. I am counting down the days until I get to return again in November 2018. Will you be joining us?

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Leadership Teacher Training
Jenna Johnson

Jenna Johnson

Director of Education

Jenna is currently on a 6-month-honeymoon-around the world. She is a nature-lover that is obsessed with yoga, travel, and her vintage camper. Jenna spends her time writing & creating videos for her online community, The Exploring Yogini. It's a space for inspiration, reflection, and adventure.

leadership teacher training

Free Yoga Teacher Training AND Flights in honour of Katies Keates

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We are pleased to be offering the Katie Keates Memorial Scholarship again to support a deserving yogi to participate in Yoga Teacher Training. 

In 2015 we lost a truly amazing yoga teacher to cancer. Katie was a true inspiration to so many in our Muskoka community.

Katie and I had a lot in common; we studied Engineering, we completed our MBA, we are passionate about the yogic lifestyle and we were both diagnosed with cancer.

Katie was a volunteer yoga teacher at the YMCA and she co-taught the annual CareCancer charity yoga class with me, even while she had cancer. This summer the 6th annual CareCancer charity yoga class will be held in Katie’s honour.

Katie gave back to her community and in her honour we are offering one free space in our Spain Yoga Teacher Training program. The recipient will also receive round trip complimentary airfare to Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

We recognize that not everyone is able to afford a Yoga Teacher Training and this opportunity is for a yogi who would love to participate in our Yoga Teacher Training and doesn’t have the financial means.

Katie has been such a huge contributor to growing our yoga community and sharing her passion for life with others. We are pleased to offer this opportunity for an inspired yogi to complete their Yoga Teacher Training in her honour.

Past recipients of the Katie Keates Scholarship in Finland now successfully integrate teaching yoga with individuals recovering from addiction, who otherwise would not have access to these practices. Our Canadian scholarship recipients have been powerfully sharing yoga with her communities, and in particular within the public school system. Click the video below to learn how this training experience can impact your life:

We are so excited to be leading our next 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Palma de Mallorca, Spain next month. Click here for complete details:

When: June 12-29, 2017
Where: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

If you are personally interested in this scholarship, or you know someone who would be a fantastic candidate, email and share why you would love to participate in this life changing opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Happy Jack Yoga Team 🙂