Join us around the world for Yoga Teacher Trainings, Retreats, Festivals, Conferences and so much more. We look forward to practicing with you soon!

Feb 3-10, 2018Rishikesh, India75hr YTT - Spiritual Immersion75hr YTTMORE INFO
Feb 3-10, 2018Rishikesh, IndiaYoga Retreat - Spiritual ImmersionRetreatMORE INFO
Feb 17 - May 13, 2018Gravenhurst, Canada200hr Yoga Teacher Training200hr YTTMORE INFO
Mar 3-4, 2018Helsinki, FinlandHelsinki Yoga FestivalFestivalMORE INFO
Apr 12-15, 2018Toronto, CanadaToronto Yoga Conference & ShowConferenceMORE INFO
May 19-26, 2018Läyliänen, Finland75hr YTT - Breakthrough Immersion75hr YTTMORE INFO
May 19-26, 2018Läyliänen, FinlandYoga Retreat - Breakthrough ImmersionRetreatMORE INFO
June 5-21, 2018Läyliänen, Finland200hr Yoga Teacher Training200hr YTTMORE INFO
July 14-15, 2018Bracebridge, CanadaMuskoka Yoga FestivalFestivalMORE INFO
July 2018 - April 2019Gravenhurst, Canada300hr Yoga Mastery Teacher Training300hr YTTMORE INFO
July 19-25, 2018Gravenhurst, Canada75hr YTT - Leadership Immersion75hr YTTMORE INFO
Aug 10-12, 2018Hampshire, UKFloVibe FestivalFestivalMORE INFO
Aug 15-21, 2018Gravenhurst, CanadaYin Yoga Teacher TrainingYin YTTMORE INFO
Aug 15-21, 2018Gravenhurst, CanadaYoga Retreat - Yin ImmersionRetreatMORE INFO
Oct 20-28, 2018Gravenhurst, Canada75hr YTT - Self Expression Immersion75hr YTTMORE INFO
Nov 10-17, 2018Tulum, MexicoYoga Retreat - Life MasteryRetreatMORE INFO
Nov 10-17, 2018Tulum, MexicoCertified Teachers SummitMastermindMORE INFO

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