Hanna von Hafenbrädl – Co-Founder & Creative Director

My name is Hanna and my yoga journey began in 2007 as I very unexpectedly lost my husband. With him went our plan to move back from temporarily living in Norway to Milan, Italy where we had lived the past 9 years. I found myself alone in my husband’s home town in Norway, I was traumatized and doing my best to raise two small boys.

I fell in love with asana practice immediately. Soon I got to experience, though, that body and mind are mysteriously connected. I couldn’t have a stable practice as I was still deeply depressed and grief was overwhelming. My body reacted strongly and I had to adapt my practice, do poses slowly if at all, and take breaks and come back to my practice later on. During this time I discovered meditation and studied everything I could find on spirituality, healing and mindfulness. I am passionate about energy work and its effects on our everyday life.

Since then my healing has happened gradually but I wouldn’t be who I am today, if it wasn’t for my first Yoga Teacher Training. I love sharing what I have discovered that is possible in our lives. My ultimate passion is to share what I have learned and facilitate trainings and classes where you have a safe space to heal and to connect with the power you have within. I teach a life-transforming style of yoga with a strong focus on self-inquiry and connection to others. It is fully possible to overcome any adversity and create a thriving life, the Happy Jack Yoga community is a living proof of this. We turn any kind of suffering into thriving. I’ve learned that as I allow myself to change and try on new things, I evolve. My current object of study is voice, singing (mantra) and most of all studying crystal sound. I am 100% “plant powered”, up to 80% raw and have experienced a huge shift on all levels from eating clean, whole, plant based foods.

My purpose in life is to be a blessing in the lives of everyone I meet.