Jenna Lewins

Director of Education

Hello, hello, I am Jenna Lewins!

It was tretcherous climb. I was huffing & puffing. I began to notice my thoughts roaming. While hiking in the world’s largest habited volcano, I was reflecting on the 2-3 years prior. I was 22 & freshly graduated from University. I realized that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life battling myself. I knew that I needed to make a change.

Upon returning home, I decided to give yoga another chance. I found a yoga studio that had a free week- because I was poor-recent-university-graduate. It was a slow-flow candlelight & I had my “AHA! Yoga Moment.” You know that moment where everything clicks? Where you perfectly in tune with yourself? That moment you fall in love with yoga? From that yoga moment, I was smitten with the practice.

I’ve been sharing my love as a yoga teacher for 2+ years. I’ve taught my slow & loving Vinyasa Yoga around the U.S. (my home country) as well as around the world. I am the creator of The Exploring Yogini- an online community for traveling yoga lovers & reflection seekers.

After realizing that I needed a yoga community, I reached out to Jack. Immediately, I was welcomed with a loving & supportive online community. I began business coaching with Jack. At the same time, I enrolled in 1 then 2 and now 4 yoga teacher trainings! I am so proud to have the opporutnity to share my knowledge & work alongside Elena as HJY’s Director of Education. My growth has been fast & I am so proud of the leader & teacher that I’ve become since I began my involvement with HJY. I’ve been obsessed with HJY ever since!

I am on this journey of creating my dream life. I’ve promised myself to not let my Anxiety and Depression rule me. I’ve overcome self-harm, lack of self-esteem, and feeling like an imposter.

Now, I am more loving & more kind to myself. I have created habits that are empowering. I am stronger, mentally & physically, than ever before!

I help people navigate through the bullshit of everyday life. I encourage people to love themselves. Through my vulnerability and openness, I encourage my students to open themselves.

One day, I hope that we get meet & to inspire one another,

Lots of love,