Our Philosophy

Happy Jack Yoga inspires others to be the greatest version of themselves. We empower people to overcome adversity, to release limiting beliefs, and to create their dream life. We are an organization deeply committed to cultivating connection, positively contributing to the lives of our peers, and optimizing our health & wellness through embodying the practices we teach. Happy Jack Yoga is a lifestyle, a transformational process and a revolutionary system of yoga. We lead world-class retreats and teacher training programs around the world.

Our culture operates from love with authenticity, passion, fun, growth, and contribution! Receiving the highest levels of education in yoga, human performance, nutrition, mindfulness, spirituality and leadership, our programs equip individuals with the necessary tools to create an extraordinary life. Our massive transformational purpose is to fulfill the world’s need for happiness, health and meaningful connection. Our driving force is the opportunity to transform lives and to create a happier, healthier and more connected world.

Our Vision

To create a happier, healthier, more connected world.

Our Mission

Inspire others to be the greatest version of themselves.

Our Values