This program is a deep dive in the powerful practice of Yin yoga for Yin lovers and anyone who feels they need to find and create balance in their lives. Yin yoga, as we teach it, is one of the most effective styles of yoga for cultivating healing, inner wisdom, and self awareness.

Western Yogis often prefer a Yang (an active, vinyasa style) practice. In fact, it is this mindset that has molded traditional yoga into a fast paced practice that is great for exercising our bodies. Yet yoga still leaves many students with tendencies to not fully embrace themselves as they are, to miss out on discovering their inner strengths, and misunderstandings of the deeper wisdom in their bodies. This means we need Yin Yoga more than ever!

You are warmly welcome to join this training to explore Yin Yoga and shamanic healing modalities taught by Mathieu Leporini and the Happy Jack Yoga team. Experience and share the joy that only comes from a deep practice of inner awareness. Cultivate a fortitude and presence of mind you never experienced before.

This training will provide everything you need to know about Yin Yoga. We explore the meridians and various chakra systems as applied to Yin. Discover the wisdom behind Yin Yoga asanas and their mental and physical benefits.

Become a more radiant and centred version of yourself, ready to live and create your dream life.

This is your time. Are you ready?


  • 3 nights shared accommodations
  • Healthy vegan and gluten free meals each day
  • Digital 21 Day support program to empower students to integrate the practices at home
  • Crystal sound sessions with a set of crystal and alchemical crucibles
  • Life altering meditations and shamanic healing sessions


Läyliäinen, Finland


Jan 11 – 14, 2019

Teaching Faculty:

  • Hanna von Hafenbrädl, RYT 500, E-RYT 200 (Lead Facilitator)
  • Jeff Lester USA, RYT 500, RYT 200 (Co-Facilitator)
  • Mathieu Leporini (Meditation & Healing)


  • Deepen your understanding of philosophy and anatomy applied to Yin Yoga
  • Discover how to sequence Yin Yoga poses so you can practice anywhere and anytime
  • Experience the various chakra systems and understand Prana, Chi and Meridians
  • Explore a system of practices that cultivate all levels of the human being
  • Effectively communicate from your heart
  • Learn to accept yourself and to enjoy your own company more than ever before. Your relationships will respond in like.
  • Get deeply rooted in your inner power, your ability to find peace in all circumstances.
  • Begin healing deeply rooted physical and emotional wounds.
  • Unlock your body’s deep wisdom and discover many profound truths.
  • Explore crystal bowl sound healing and the impact it has on your well-being
  • Study mantra, kirtan and other techniques
  • Cultivate an extraordinary life
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