Rhonda Wiebe – Director of Empowerment

Namaste Beautiful Souls!

My Name is Rhonda and yoga has literally transformed so many things in my life! It started with Happy Jack Yoga in 2016 and one single class had me hooked! I am also a mom and wife, yoga teacher, reiki healer, Essential oil enthusiast, School bus driver and survivor. I am so proud to continue my journey of growth on the Happy Jack Yoga Team as the Director of Empowerment.

I have gone through many challenges in my life starting with a childhood trauma which then lead to emotional eating, depression and anxiety. I would suppress all the emotions and trauma, and hold on to negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Then a moment in Jack’s yoga class I experienced a sense of release, which created a starting point for this yoga journey with Happy Jack Yoga. I started to peel of the layers. The breakthrough of who I truly am to my soul, really happened during my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Jack and Hanna. I learned how yoga can help shift things in your life from your focus to creating more space for possibilities.

Yoga is one of the biggest healing gifts in my life during many fears. I’ve learned what it means to ”come out of your head and into your heart”, and to remove blocks and let the energy flow to set me free. I want to help share this gift across the world, that all the possibilities are endless on and off the mat. As a yoga teacher I intend to create a healing and empowering space for you to expand your mind, your body and your soul. It is my honour to be of service to others on their journeys and discoveries. Everyone has similar challenges or obstacles, just with a different story.

I love where my life is going right now and my goals are to welcome and encourage yoga for everyone, so we can all grow and spread love together. It lights me up when I can be of service and give someone the empowerment they need.

Sending you good vibes to love and be free,

Rhonda Yogsundari