Running to Give The Gift Of a Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship

yoga teacher training scholarship

Running to Give The Gift Of a Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship

#MOVETOTHRIVE for Alive to Thrive Foundation

Move to Thrive!

Run! Jump! Chaturanga! Leap Frogs! Swim! Dive! Bike Ride! IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOGA ASANA Here’s a question for you: Do we move because we are happy or are we happy because we move? If the answer doesn’t come to you immediately, it might be worth investigating to know for sure.

My friend Jenna & I are Running to Give The Gift Of a Yoga Teacher Training.

Here is my story with movement, lessons learned, and now how I’m giving back through by gifting a yoga teacher training scholarship.

yoga teacher training scholarship


As for me, movement is incredibly close to my heart, one could say it has saved my life and rescued my soul. I used to be over weight, like 55kg heavier to be precise… And that’s life threatening, you know!?… Morbid obesity had always been my case ever since I was a young boy. There were many reasons.
yoga teacher training scholarship
When I started to take control of my health it was just after I left home for university, I have not turned back since. And over the last 7 years, I have gone through many phases: from chasing a number on a scale, to dieting for fitness and performance. Now I am mostly concerned with fitness and wellness. We are on a journey that has many moving parts. It has become apparent that we are simply a part of the system with the natural world around us. We must tend to ourselves with regard to the bigger picture if we are to be well.
One thing is for sure: I have wholeheartedly fallen in love with movement. Of all the lifestyle changes I have made, movement has perhaps been the one I embraced the earliest and with most fervor… Because mood follows action.
This is true for all of us, chemically speaking, when we move, we feel better. In my case, I began with any kind of movement and quickly found myself embraced by a wonderful running community. I enjoyed the rush that came with running long distances. Then I fell in love with the people who shared that with me.
THAT is perhaps the coolest thing about movement:


yoga teacher training scholarship

It’s more than running

Running, yoga, and just about every physical activity under the sun has some community of people somewhere joining in. Along with community and friendship there is one other factor that running gave me, empowerment. There was a time when the idea of running a mile was simply “not for me.” Now I can look back at running my first 5k without stopping and what a huge milestone that was!
My goodness, I have goosebumps just writing this! I never could have guessed that I would eventually go on to race obstacle courses, run marathons, ultra marathons, and even an Ironman triathlon!
yoga teacher training scholarship

I deeply love endurance sports and they continue to be a part of my life today. The people I’ve met, the places I have seen are all priceless and wonderful additions to the health benefits. Running continues to play a huge role in my life. It was even through running that yoga showed up in my life, as many others experience.

Nowadays teaching yoga is a part of my life and purpose. So I can’t help but laugh in astonishment at all that running has attracted for me.

Many people who see a photo of me from 7 years ago immediately say they can’t believe it. Then they ask: “What did you do?” and I respond with, “About the same thing I’m doing now, except over 7 years”.

This quote sums it up perfectly:

“There is no such thing as a before and after. There is only a before and during.”

Giving the gift of a Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship


And that is why I still live this lifestyle and am currently training to swim/bike/run a 70.3 triathlon (that includes a half marathon run). I am so excited to be partaking in this race and that I have a chance to raise money and awareness for the Alive to Thrive foundation.


This foundation gives lucky individuals the chance to have a full scholarship at a Happy Jack Yoga teacher training. Running has done so many things for me, but nothing has changed my life quite like my trainings in yoga.
My friend and fellow team member Jenna (@theexploringyogini) at Happy Jack Yoga is also running a (HER FIRST) 5k race!
You know I am excited because of how I described my first 5k experience.
Together, we are running and training everyday until the end of June to raise enough money for a full scholarship to a Happy Jack Yoga Program. To give the gift of a yoga teacher training, we need to raise about $25 a day! We think we can do it! We will also have fun and embrace movement in the process.

We need your help!

How can YOU make an impact?

Follow our journey on Instagram… Here is my Instagram & this is Jenna’s. Everyday, we’ll be posting a small snippet of our experience on our stories.
What is the Alive to Thrive Foundation? Read more about it here.
Have you done a training where your life was transformed? If so, consider donating so that you too can help give the gift of transformation through a Happy Jack Yoga Teacher Training. Click this link to browse our donation page.

Jeff Lester
Director Of Contribution

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