Sabine Reisinger
Director of Operations

Hello, I’m Sabine, Director of Operations at Happy Jack Yoga. A proud Austrian who loves people, travelling and the great outdoors; in 2012 I moved to London and let work absorb me. I became a work zombie. Then I became a human again. Yoga woke me up. 

I was work obsessed. Unable to hold a conversation without checking my phone. Moving from one project to another without a breath. Waking up at night with a stormy mind, drowning in the perpetual pressure to perform. I wanted to show everyone else what I could do. 

Every fortnight on a Friday night, while my friends and colleagues were at the pub, a masseuse would knead my self-inflicted stress up and out of my neck and shoulders. Yoga, she said. Go. I didn’t. An hour is an awfully long time to spend with yourself and I wasn’t sure I’d like what I’d find. But I ran past The House of Yoga in Putney every day and after 4 months I caved. My body took to the practice immediately. 

My mind took longer to come around. There were no eureka moments or emotional outbursts. Actually it was like getting to know a stranger, one slow breath at a time. On my mat I met someone playful, enthusiastic and persistent, who laughed when she wobbled uncontrollably in tree pose and who loved the buzz of headstands even if she could only hold them for seconds at first. She was optimistic and vulnerable and brave. I liked her. 

My first mat brought me freedom and empowerment, then gradually, a connection that I had lost. A connection to myself, and importantly, to others. 

It turns out that yoga is a transferrable skill. The more I breathed into my mind and body, the more I focused and connected with a single moment; a pose, a problem area, a happy thought, a good friend. Time is the one thing in life you cannot make more of, but now I know how to cherish every moment I’m here, to be present and productive and fulfilled. 

Now I am 3 times as effective as I used to be. I do the same job, I lead 4-6 classes a week around London, I support Happy Jack Yoga and our wonderful community of yogis worldwide, and I am embarking on projects to improve employee wellbeing through holistic yoga practice. 

had to become a teacher to share this beautiful, impactful practice that makes me leap out of bed in the morning, full of excitement and love. I am 200 hour RYT, NuPower Yoga, Pre- and Post-Natal certified, and always learning. 

A wise teacher once taught me that growth lives where control ends. Put simply, there is momentum in growth where there are only limits in control. My teaching style is fun, energetic and honest; together we open, we push physical and mental boundaries, we wobble, release, learn, and repeat. 

I like to teach yoga as a lifestyle, showing how growth on the mat can be used as a sandbox for ‘real’ life. The mat is a safe space to focus, experiment and build self-belief, preparing us to connect better and be awake to ourselves, to people around us, to every aspect of our lives. 

My greatest joy is helping people to lift themselves, personally or professionally, out of the hamster wheel, and into the moment. That’s what we do at Happy Jack Yoga, so come join us and see for yourself!