Are you able to experience peace and acceptance while exposed to challenging life circumstances? Do you create mental freedom while surrounded by chaos? Are you interested in healing yourself at the core of your being? If you are eager to explore these questions and gain the tools you need to find fulfillment – this program is for you.

Yoga is a spiritual practise that offers deep emotional and physical healing to those who truly seek it. We are taking your practise even further, giving you an extraordinary opportunity to heal, cleanse and connect with yourself at the deepest level of your soul.

Immerse yourself in a 7 day spiritual pilgrimage, set amidst the powerful peaks of the Himalayan mountains, next to the holy Ganges river of Rishikesh, India – the Yoga capital of the world.

Deep dive into the ancient practices of Ayurveda, where you will learn to connect the mind and body, listen to the wisdom of your soul and use the power you already possess within to heal the scars of past wounds. Discover your unique mind-body type and the specific needs that derive from it, and learn how to combine nutritional balance with your yoga practise.

Combine these lessons in spiritual healing with your yoga teacher training and the unique Happy Jack Yoga methodology, and develop a powerful offering which you can share with your communities. Get ready for an enlightening and empowering week of personal understanding.

This​ ​is​ ​your​ ​time.​ Are you ready?


  • 50 hour Yoga Alliance Teaching Certification
  • 6 nights shared accommodations
  • Three vegetarian meals each day
  • Private 1-1 consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor
  • One Ayurvedic massage
  • 10 hour Ayurveda Course Certification
  • Ganga Aarti experience including VIP Yagna Fire Ceremony
  • Cultural group excursions and activities including Punjakuri temple sunrise, Ganga river swim and exploration of the famous Beatles ashram
  • Airport ground transportation from/to Dehradun Airport (DED) on set dates
  • 21 day support program to empower students when back home
  • This 50 hour Immersion contributes towards the 300 Hour Happy Jack Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Curriculum
  • Complimentary membership to Happy Jack Yoga Affiliate Community and benefits


Rishikesh, India


Mar 9-15, 2020

Teaching Faculty:

  • Hanna von Hafenbrädl, E-RYT 500 (Lead Facilitator)
  • Jack Boken, E-RYT 500, CHPC (Co-Facilitator)
  • Jeff Lester, (Co-Facilitator)
  • Dr. Harsh Agarwal (Ayurvedic Doctor)


  • Explore the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy & gain valuable ways to share this and positively impact the lives of others
  • Deepen your understanding and competency in the anatomy of the energetic body
  • Discover the incredible effects of sattvic nutrition and an Ayurvedic lifestyle
  • Teach you to lead profoundly transformative practices for others
  • Receive your spiritual name, learn the meaning and purpose of having one
  • Assist you in establishing a nourishing spiritual practice & discovering the impact on your life
  • Expose you to deeply healing yogic practices that are not traditionally shared in the West
  • Discover your Ayurvedic constitution and create a lifestyle to support your unique constitution
  • Explore Ayurvedic practices and nutrition
  • Study various yogic traditions including: kriyas, mudras, koshas, nadis, chakras, sutras, doshas, etc
  • Create or deepen your daily meditation practice
  • Experience an authentic ashram life in the Himalayas
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